Your Bail has Been Revoked! How Does That Impact Your Future?

The good news is that bail doesn’t get revoked very often. It’s actually more common for it to be completely denied than revoked. Still, every once in a while we have a client whose bail is revoked and there is always a slim chance it could happen to you.

If you’re bail is revoked, it means you’re returning to jail. That’s it. Your bail being revoked doesn’t mean that you’ve been convicted of the charges.

There are a few reasons your bail can be revoked, including:

  • You’ve been accused of committing a crime while you were released on bail
  • You failed to follow the terms the judge attached to your bail
  • You missed a mandatory court date

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Understanding a Suspicious Bail

A suspicious bond is exactly what it sounds like. There is something about the case or the money itself that has made everyone involved with the system worry. They are concerned that there is something wrong with the money. In most cases, there is something surrounding the case that makes the court believe that the money you are using to post your bail was gotten through illegal gains.

The problem with this is that when you attempt to post your bail only to have to declare a suspicious bond, you won’t be released from jail. Even worse, it’s possible that the court will seize the money so that they can investigate its origins.

The harsh reality is that anyone who is connected to certain crimes, such as credit card fraud, burglaries, certain drug crimes, and even gang-related crimes are far more likely to find themselves in a situation where the police will say that they’re paying a suspicious bail. This is one of the many reasons you should consider turning to Hamblen County Bail Bonds rather than trying to post your own bail.

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